Holiday Gift Ideas for the Nerd in Your Life

We all have that family member or friend whose wish list won’t contain your “typical” or “easy” present suggestions. For when a new outfit or gift card isn’t cutting it, we’ve compiled a list of unique and nerdy gift ideas to satisfy your loved one’s inner geek.

Custom D&D Dice

What better way to spoil your favorite “Dungeons and Dragons” fans than with their very own custom set of dice? Choose from a multitude of colors and designs to locate a set that best fits your loved one’s unique style. Kraken Dice is incredibly affordable (sets sell for as little as $6.95!) and offers spectacular designs. Just make sure to catch an item when it’s in stock because they sell out quick!

Snorlax Robe

No Pokémon fan can resist this cuddly burst of nostalgia, guaranteed to keep your gift-opener warm throughout chilly winter months. Just pull up the hood and this robe can totally double as a casual Halloween costume.

Thor Hammer 3D Deco Light

We’re all pretty tense after the way the most recent “Avengers”movie ended (no spoilers). This gift is nerdy and practical. We promise, no actual walls are damaged during the mounting of this lamp.

NES Classic

Now that a year has passed since its release, these are a bit easier to snag. Help your favorite gamers relive their childhood with this all-in-one video game system. Fully equipped with over 10 games from the ’90s (30 games total), this miniature version of the 1985 system will keep any Nintendo fan entertained for hours.

Aukey Macro Phone Lens

For the photo-lover or the amateur photographer, this lens fits almost any modern-day smartphone, taking phone photography (and selfies) to the next level.

Science Holiday Shirt

If you know someone who loves science, or puns, or both, this shirt is the perfect gift. It can even be worn to that ugly sweater party you know someone is bound to throw.

Japanese Snack Box

Anime fans often dream of tasting the snacks featured in their favorite TV shows. Thanks to TokyoTreat, now they can! Similar to Lootbox but with Japanese treats, this gift can be a one-time thing, or a monthly subscription that keeps on giving. The website’s “Give Gift” option allows you to choose how many months (in three-month increments) you want to gift!

Mr. Meeseeks Game

It’s no secret that “Rick and Morty” is one of the more popular cartoon shows on television today, and it certainly shows in the amount of merchandise available. This fun and unique game of dares will surely create years’ worth of laughable memories. It’s also a super cool collector’s item, available for a very reasonable price.

Funko Pop!

If all else fails, check out these affordable collector’s items. When the “Funko” brand first launched, they didn’t have the largest pop! selection available, and their designs were fairly basic. But as they’ve grown in popularity, so has their merchandise, to include almost any character and variation imaginable. Heck, they even sell “The Golden Girls!” If you can’t think of anything else to buy, you’re almost certain to find one (or 10) pops! that will suit your favorite geek…and maybe even yourself too.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Nerd in Your Life: Featured image courtesy of Unsplash