Hope and Resilience Leads Grant Brooks to Through Fire

“Hope and resilience” and values of “hard work, being truly grateful, never giving up and being good to others” has quickly risen Through Fire to the top in the rock world, and new drummer Grant Brooks describes his journey in the role he’s been “chasing for years.”

Can you explain the moment you were told you were chosen as the new drummer for Through Fire?
Grant: It was August of 2017. I remember my family was so excited for me. My first shows started with a bang with massive festivals across the country, including Sonic Boom and Louder Than Life. I was extremely excited.

How does it feel being a member of a band that was nominated for best new artist at the 2017 rock radio/RadioContraband Awards, and whose single, “Breathe,” hit #16 on the Active Rock Chart, TOP 20 on the Billboard mainstream rock chart, TOP 10 on the UTR rock radio chart and #1 on Octane’s Big Uns Countdown for a second time straight?
I am truly blessed to be here. I have been playing drums for about 10 years now and played in front of less than three people several times. Hard work truly pays off.

How were you introduced to the other members of the band?
Actually, I was already friends with them all before this. My old band, One Less Reason did a run with Through Fire and Sick Puppies and we all got along well. Those guys are all still my great friends, and we all had some great times on the road together.

Pre-Through Fire you drummed for One Less Reason. What are some things you’ve learned from your time with them that you’ve carried with you?
I learned how to get used to being on the road. I also learned a lot from those guys because they have been a band for 10 years, so I always listened to advice about being on the road and being better in the recording studio. 

I understand that touring is relatively new to you. What about it have you found most enjoyable?
Seeing the country. I have always dreamed of touring and meeting people everywhere. Can’t forget the amazing food!

Can you describe your experience on stage?
Best feeling in the world. That is my favorite place to be.

Did you always know you were going to be a drummer?
No, actually. When I was 12, I started out on guitar. I took guitar lessons and everything. At 13, I gave up and decided to play the drums. That was for sure what I wanted to do.

What genres, aside from rock, do you enjoy playing?
Mainly rock and metal. I do love to put drums behind rap and hip hop songs occasionally.

How has playing for Through Fire impacted your life? How has your day-to-day routine changed?
It has finally given me a career in what I have been chasing for years. 

How do you personally play a role in Through Fire’s message of “hope and resilience” and values of “hard work, being truly grateful, never giving up and being good to others?”
Just thankful for everyone that supports and believes in our band, whether it be the fans, radio stations, or anyone else that has helped us along the way. 

According to your interview with Da Belly Magazine, Through Fire should be releasing an album sometime between now and fall. Should fans anticipate the mention of a release soon?
Hopefully sometime next year.

With Breathe, Through Fire included acoustics, and produced a new spin on “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri. Can fans expect a new twist on the band’s next album, and can you provide some insight as to what that may be?
Not sure at this time. We are still in the writing process. We are so excited for what we are working so hard on!

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Hope and Resilience Leads Grant Brooks to Through Fire: Featured photo courtesy of Hannah Lee Photography