Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath Talks Reunion and Rebirth Tour

Spencer Chamberlain, vocalist of Christian rock band Underoath never anticipated the band’s reunion, let alone the announcement of a tour after the members excruciatingly parted ways in 2013. But, nearly two years after deciding to honor the 10-year anniversary of gold-certified album Define The Great Line with the Rebirth Tour, they’ve re-established their family, and Chamberlain said he “wouldn’t change it for the world,” as they take the tour to Europe come June. 

When the Rebirth Tour was announced, did you anticipate Underoath would still be playing at Self Help Fest nearly two years later?
Spencer: Honestly, when we talked about reuniting at first it was a joke—a way for us all to talk again since we had broken the ice a few months before really deciding to honor Define The Great Line (which was turning 10 in 2016). At first, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to dedicate all my time to a tour and practice if the guys were just gonna go back to normal life after. I was working on a solo career, and had my head deep into rebuilding. After the first practice back, I knew we had to keep this thing going, and I think the band was sold on staying together after the first show. That being said, no, I hadn’t in a million years thought this would be a real thing again.

In several interviews, you’ve stated that no other band has felt quite like home. How has it felt being reunited with the other members of Underoath?
I can only describe it like getting your best friend back, but times five. Or maybe like a marriage that almost ended in divorce, but after counseling and forgiveness it’s better and stronger than ever. I feel like I have my family back—that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I left home as a teenager with these guys; we grew up on the road together, and went through hell and back together. I don’t think I realized how much I missed them till it was gone.

Your band Sleepwave is very supportive of your role in Underoath. What has it been like balancing your role in both bands?
It’s hard at times. You never wanna feel stretched too thin, so I just pick what I want to do with Sleepwave. We get offers for things here and there, and wrote a lot for the follow-up record; but since it’s my project, I can pick when I want to work on it or not. Underoath has my full attention right now, and I owe them my full attention because without that band, I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have today.

In a recent interview with APTV, you stated that being on the road throughout your career with Underoath transformed you into an individual. How has the Underoath reunion and Rebirth Tour impacted you?
I think it was the final step for our family (Underoath). We all needed to burn the building down and rebuild it smarter, more modern, better floor design and more energy efficient, just like flipping an old house. The foundation was great, and the location was perfect, but we needed to fix some things. I think that was us accepting one another as complete individuals. Acceptance was a huge part of us reuniting, and it feels great.

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If you could teleport back in time to 2013, before the members of Underoath mutually agreed to part ways, would you have done anything differently?
As painful as the following years were, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I was mad. I was depressed. I went through hell to just get back on my feet; but that made me who I am, and maybe I needed those lessons in life to appreciate this second chance I got. Without losing everything, I don’t think I would be able to do this the right way now.

Underoath prides itself on its “realness.” Had you all done things differently, and listened to the many recommendations of managers and other influences, do you think Underoath would be the inspirational band it is today?
100% no. We might have gotten “bigger” at the time, but we wouldn’t have a career to come back to after all this shit went down. Sometimes you have to trust yourself as an artist and go with your gut, even when it comes to the business side of things—which I’ll be the first to admit I am a musician, not a business man. Those decisions we made definitely helped pave the way for our future.

Numerous rumors have circulated about the release of a new album, but no official announcement has been made. Have you all written or performed new material since reuniting?
We aren’t allowed to talk about anything in that nature due to legalities. Only time will tell.

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Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath Talks Reunion and Rebirth Tour: Featured photo courtesy of Carmin Edwards