5 Binge-Watch Worthy TV Shows

Summer: It’s the Met Gala of all seasons. We spend all year anticipating its arrival. We keep a close eye on what we eat so we can fit into our bikinis and swimming trunks. We go tanning during winter so our pale legs and arms don’t blind other beach goers. We even try to plan every weekend, months in advance, so as not to waste one hour.

The point I’m trying to make is that there is an extreme amount of pressure for us to enjoy ourselves in the summer. We feel victimized by the thermometer once it starts to reach the 80’s. It’s an unwritten rule that if we’re not pool-side on a clear, sunny day, then we’re doing this ‘summer thing’ all wrong.

Well, what if I told you there was an easier, less worrisome way to enjoy your summer? That’s right! No dieting, no tanning, no planning: just you, a bowl of chips and Netflix. Drop that towel and put down that bottle of sunblock because I’m here to tell you about the best TV shows streaming. No order necessary—these are my top five shows to binge-watch on a beautiful summer day.

1. Gossip Girl (6 Seasons)

Someone, at some point, has probably made you sit through an episode or two of Gossip Girl, and since you were likely forced into it, you probably hated it. But trust me, this show is extremely addictive. The series centers on a group of wealthy teenagers living in New York City’s Upper East Side, where they go to school, play and sleep—sometimes with each other. Although complicated, these relationships are easy to follow, thanks to the titular and anonymous blogger, gossip girl, who reports on the teenagers’ scandals. So, go ahead, press play. I know you’ll love it. Xoxo, gossip girl.

2. Scream: The TV Series (2 Seasons)

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” If you grew up watching the Scream Trilogy (let’s just try to forget that Scream 4 ever happened), then this show is right up your alley. After a cyber-bullying incident leads to a brutal homicide, a group of high school students become the main target of a masked murderer. Much like the 1996 film, Scream serves up a heaping amount of blood, guts and gore.

3. Degrassi: Next Class (4 Seasons)

Since the series first aired in the 1980’s, Degrassi has become known for tackling controversial topics such as eating disorders, rape, sexuality and abortion. From refugee students having to adapt to life outside their countries, to polyamorous relationships, to the introduction of the show’s very first gender fluid character, the students of Degrassi High encounter a series of modern-day dilemmas. While it may not be the Degrassi some of you are used to, the updated cast delivers “whatever it takes,” to make it through life’s hardships, like the show’s notorious theme song recites.

4. The Carrie Diaries (2 Seasons)

Before there was sex, and before there was the city, there was Carrie Bradshaw. In this teenage comedy drama, which serves as a prequel to HBO’s Sex and the City, we see young Carrie work her way through high school, experiment with her sexuality, land an internship at Interview Magazine and fall in love with her first man…Manhattan. We even get to meet young Samantha, who works as a club promoter! The intimate connections she makes throughout the series with the men in New York comes as no surprise to anyone. Also, much like her older self, young Carrie is extremely fashionable. So, if you’re into big hair and synth-pop, then sit back and enjoy each episode’s ’80s runway.

5. Chewing Gum (2 Seasons)

This semi-autobiographical British sitcom is based on the show’s creator Michaela Coal, who plays Tracy, a 24-year-old Pentecostal Christian with a hunger for sexual awakening. It doesn’t take long for Tracy to discover that the more she learns about adulthood, the less she understands. She stumbles her way through a bevy of awkward sexual encounters, each one more ridiculous than the last, and each showcase just how bizarre sex can be. In an early episode, Tracy is advised to sit on her crush’s face. When she finds herself alone in a room with him, she does exactly that. Nearly suffocating him with her pajama bottoms, Tracy turns to the camera in confusion. “I don’t remember if I was supposed to wear clothes for this bit or not.” Can anyone else relate?

5 Binge-Watch Worthy TV Shows: Photographed by Jessica Toscano
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