From Hardships to Friendships with One Day Waiting

Tyler Kray, vocalist of the hard rock/alternative metal band One Day Waiting will shock you with the intensity behind their music’s lyrics, which — the band says — takes him nearly 10 seconds to create. It comes as no surprise that they were recently on tour with A Killer’s Confession, and will be playing with Veil of Maya in Lancaster, PA on August 12. Kray, Zach Ballantine, bass player, Nick Cozzolino, guitar, and Griffin Silvestro, drummer talk hardships and influences that led to their cross-country tour.

The four of you grew up together in upstate New York, but how did long-term friendship evolve into One Day Waiting?
ODW: It was first formed when Tyler and Nick were young and in and out of bands together. After ODW was (officially) created in 2013, the lineup underwent a few changes starting with our first drummer leaving the band. Fortunately, the search for a new drummer didn’t take too long. We were very interested in Griffin joining since we were impressed by his skills in another band he was in. In 2014, he left for college. Between 2015 and 2016 we went through a few members, who in the end, did not share the same dream as we did. 2016 was specifically a hard year due to a hectic touring schedule, finances, and the betrayal of people who were close to us. But instead of giving up, we pressed-on as Griffin rejoined the band. At that time, we didn’t have a bass player, and we knew the one person who would be a perfect fit for us. Zach has been a longtime friend of ours since the original line-up, and has attended countless shows. In early 2017, we asked him to join the band, though he had not touched an instrument before because we all had faith that he would learn and be a good fit. We all can agree he absolutely is. This is the first time that we have been friends first and band members second. Our friendship has gotten ten times stronger.

Korn, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin are just a few bands to name who have heavily influenced your rock with a metal intensity mix. What has influenced your sound outside of the music industry?
Tyler: Current events and personal experiences. I apply whatever emotions I’m feeling to each song and experiment with other styles. I also write ODW’s lyrics, so reading books and constant writing of lines and poems have helped me out over the years. I try to make them as relatable as possible.

Nick: The fucked-up world we live in and the daily things we notice around us.

Griffin: Remembering hardships or struggles I’ve experienced definitely adds an extra level of passion and intensity to my playing.

Zach: It seems like everyday society is taking a step backwards and that makes all of us in the band think a lot and we talk about it all the time as a band. Sometimes we all get really pissed off about it and that’s usually when we write something heavy that we can really jam and jump around to.

Is there one song you play that you can all agree is a favorite?
ODW: Our songs are like our children. We love all of them. It’s difficult to pick just one. However, one that stands out is Better Off. It’s our angriest song, and is always a blast to play on stage. 


You’ve played with big names like Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mud and Islander. Is there a band you’ve enjoyed playing with the most?
Tyler: Opening for Trivium will always be a show that sticks out to me. I felt beyond amazing for that show and I felt I got stronger as a musician. 

Nick: There’s too many to mention but touring with our new friends in A Killers Confession has been amazing. Great guys.

Griffin: All That Remains was my favorite show. The crowd was insanely reactive and went crazy for us on all three balconies.

Zach: I would say that this last tour playing with A Killers Confession was awesome. I think our sounds mixed, the crowds went crazy for both of us and they’re just all around helpful, cool guys.

Is there a venue you’ve played that’s stood out, or a favorite that you frequent?
ODW: The chameleon club and a venue back home called upstate concert hall. And definitely The Machine Shop. It’s a world-renowned venue and it absolutely lives up to it. It was like a dream come true playing there. We also really enjoyed the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA. It was an old Theater from the 20’s or 30’s and they gutted the inside and put half pipes and ramps against the wall in the standing area.

You’ve released two EPs in the last two years: The Key, and Mouthbreather. Any plans to release a full album soon?
ODW: We can’t confirm or deny anything. We are always working on something new, but you’ll have to wait to find out more. We have a few tricks up our sleeve.

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From Hardships to Friendships with One Day Waiting: Photographed by Jessica Toscano
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